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Don’t Make Love ab sofort erhältlich!

Seit dem 26.10.2017 ist “Don’t Make Love” endlich auf Steam sowie zum Preis von 6,99€ erhältlich. Wir freuen uns über jedes gekaufte Exemplar!


Das Spiel wurde bereits international positiv besprochen und von Rock Paper Shotgun zum besten neuen Indie-Spiel auf Steam gekürt.

“…this is an extremely deep dive into a moral dilemma – and one with more than a little resonance for role-reversed human fears”Rock Paper Shotgun

“With tons of different paths to clear, Don’t Make Love puts up a challenge for players that may seem deeper than a couple of bugs fighting instinct. Under a thin veil of insect-love, players may find themselves in extremely deep, meaningful conversations about love and necessity.”

“My natural instinct as a player is always to go right when the signposts point left. That the situation felt real enough for me to notice signposts to rebel against in something as freeform as conversation speaks to some exceptionally powerful writing at the core of the experience.” –